What components of a Java development stack should I know about?

I have a fairly limited knowledge of Java development. I came across the following, rather daunting, list of components/tools/frameworks of what was described as a "fairly typical Java stack". I will go off and investigate these, but what else should be on my list of things to know something about? Either alternatives for the below, or additional component types not included in this list.

My main intent is to do some Scala development, but in practice that involves a lot of interaction with Java.

  • Wicket
  • Hibernate (JPA)
  • Atomikos (JTA)
  • Terracotta
  • Wicket-Push (Cometd)
  • Dojo
  • AspectJ
  • XStream
  • TestNG
  • DBUnit
  • EasyMock
  • MySQL
  • Jetty
  • Maven
  • Hudson

EDIT: When I say "know about", for now, I don't mean know them in depth and how to develop with them. I mean that I should be aware of them, what they are for, and recognise when I should be considering using them. So I'm interested in hearing about all the common tools/technoloogies/frameworks so that I can investigate them to this initial degree.


THis is a rather large assembly of technologies for a full-scale server-park web application.

I would suggest you focus on the core Java runtime and learn it well first, since that is what all the others technologies build on top of eventually.

EDIT: As your focus is on the technologies, I would suggest that you initially learn how to write and deploy Scala programs in a Java EE 6 Server like GlassFish v3 which I think is rather nice. The reason for this is simple - all the technologies you list are separate entities which need to be brought together in order to work. You can get much of the functionality in a single package by using a Java EE server, so you can postpone the actual tinkering until you are more familiar with the Scala environment on a Java-based web platform.

When you have gotten from "I've written a Scala program" to "I've written and deployed a Scala program to my production Java EE server which I can see in this web page" you have actually accomplished a non-trivial piece of work.

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