How to remove a row from the Cell Table

At first I used the Grid. After creating a new version of the GWT, I want to replace the Grid on the CellTable.


Check out the javadoc for details. My example is like the one you'll find there (just a little extended):

public void onModuleLoad() {
    final CellTable<Row> table = new CellTable<Row>();

    TextColumn<Row> firstColumn = new TextColumn<Starter.Row>() {

        public String getValue(Row object) {
            return object.firstColumn;
    table.addColumn(firstColumn, "header one");

    TextColumn<Row> secondColumn = new TextColumn<Starter.Row>() {

        public String getValue(Row object) {
            return object.secondColumn;
    table.addColumn(secondColumn, "header two");

    TextColumn<Row> thirdColumn = new TextColumn<Starter.Row>() {

        public String getValue(Row object) {
            return object.thirdColumn;
    table.addColumn(thirdColumn, "header three");

    final ListDataProvider<Row> dataProvider = new ListDataProvider<Starter.Row>(getList());

    final SingleSelectionModel<Row> selectionModel = new SingleSelectionModel<Starter.Row>();

    Button btn = new Button("delete entry");
    btn.addClickHandler(new ClickHandler() {

        public void onClick(ClickEvent event) {
            Row selected = selectionModel.getSelectedObject();
            if (selected != null) {



private class Row {

    private String firstColumn;
    private String secondColumn;
    private String thirdColumn;

    public Row(String firstColumn, String secondColumn, String thirdColumn) {
        this.firstColumn = firstColumn;
        this.secondColumn = secondColumn;
        this.thirdColumn = thirdColumn;


private LinkedList<Row> getList() {
    LinkedList<Row> list = new LinkedList<Row>();
    list.add(new Row("first", "entry", "foo"));
    list.add(new Row("second", "entry", "foo"));
    list.add(new Row("third", "entry", "foo"));
    list.add(new Row("fourth", "entry", "foo"));
    return list;

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