Applying malloc

guys... can u help me apply malloc in my code... here's my code:

struct studentinfo{
       char id[8];
       char name[30];
       char course[5];
    int i;
    FILE *stream = NULL;
    stream = fopen("studentinfo.txt", "a+");

    struct studentinfo s1;
    struct studentinfo array[3];
    for (i =0; i<1; i++){
       printf("Enter Student ID: ");
       printf("Enter Student Name: ");
       printf("Enter Student Course: ");
       scanf("%s", s1.course);

       fprintf(stream, "\n%s,\t%s,\t%s",,, s1.course);

i know malloc alots more space than the usual array... but still im having a hard time using it... thanks a lot :)


Before we help you, be sure to do this:


  • Tell us what you want to achieve;
  • Tell us what's actually happening;
  • Tell us what you've tried;
  • Tell us what's bothering you;
  • Tell us what you don't understand.

Compiler and program outputs help as well.

PS: Sort of expecting a down-vote, but that needed to be done.

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