Android Eclipse Correct Export?

I'm using Eclipse-plugin to develop Android applications on mac. I've got a project and I followed the steps in 'Android Tools > Export signed Application Package' successfully, but all I end up with is a blank-icon .apk. Is it supposed to look like that? I've followed the instructions from what I can tell.

And when I transfer it to a phone, it won't execute. It's just reads "Can't use as a valid .apk-file". For the record, the application works just fine in the emulator. Any help on this please?


did you check taht you have an icon file inside your drawables folder?

drawable drawable-ldpi drawable-mdpi drawable-hdpi

should have it at least in drawable folder but chek every folder just in case the current icon defined un any of those folder is corrupted.

Seems like I've solved the problem... somehow. it just started working for some reason. I guess the application was signed and zip aligned as aimed for after all.

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