Eclipse IDE build target question

I am creating an android project from an existing source, The android project is a third party project that runs on every other machine but mine. The behavior, at the New Android Project creation wizard, it says Build Target BUT doesn't give any targets to build. How can I get the android sdks in the build target menu so i can open and run this project?


Have you specified the Android "SDK Location" in the Android preferences (Window -> Preferences -> Android)?

Need Your Help

OpenCV Connected Component labeling colours?

visual-c++ opencv

this is displaying the correct result but it is colouring the objects with grey colour and its shades, i want them to be in different colours instead of shades of grey, like red, blue, green, pink,

How do i get (if possible) a queryset order by a parent entry and all child entries and so on?


I don't know if i was describing things the right way in the headline, so i will try to do it better here,

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