putting average of column in footer, I can get the sum

I am able to sum an entire column and put the total in a column, but what if i want to get the average of all the numbers in the column?

    Dim paxaverage As Decimal = 0.0
        Function GetAverage(ByVal hope As Decimal) As Decimal
'this is where i am stuck
            paxaverage += hope / saods.Tables("salesasoftable")Rows.Count
            Return hope
        End Function
        Function Getaverage1() As Decimal
            Return paxaverage
        End Function

Asp side

<asp:TemplateField HeaderText="Remaining PAX">
    <FooterStyle Font-Bold="True" />


This article discusses a couple of approaches to this problem and gives you some sample code. The one I've used in the past is to have a couple of private fields in the Page code-behind: one for the count and one for the sum. You can then increment these in the GridView's RowDataBound event when the row in question is a data row. When it is a footer row, you compute the average and display it in the right cell.

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