QDevelop problem debugging location pointer disappears

I am having a problem with QDevelop version 0.27. When I debug the location pointer jumps around without the IDE following it and showing me where it went. I have to manually click through the source file tabs to find where it went sometimes scrolling up and down through the code to find where it is. Once I get to one point I can no longer find where it sent. At one point in debugging the location pointer jumps to a location and there is a split in the IDE windowed area and I see the pointer but it's like two different files are merging graphically. Very weird issue.


Uhh well mysteriously the issue just up and disappeared without me doing a single thing.

Need Your Help

Where can I find a template for documentation about server-side installation of software?

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I'm looking for a good template on server-side installation of software for a project I'm working on.

How to tag a Facebook page using UIActivityViewController

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I am using UIActivityViewController to post to Facebook in iOS 6 and have that working fine. However, when I try to tag a Facebook page by including @pagename in the message, the raw text '@pagenam...

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