XML editor with intellisense/autocomplete based on XML Schema

I'm looking for an XML editor that can provide auto completion and validation based on an XML schema. The target platform is Linux, with Win/OSX support desirable but optional.

From this question I'm aware that this is supported in Visual Studio. There are also several commercial XML Editors (oXygen, Liquid XML studio) that support this feature. I personally don't mind paid apps, but for this instance I'm looking to recommend the editor to a group of users, and requesting that they pay for an app will not go down well.

Any suggestions?

p.s. I had a quick stab at using Komodo Edit but could not get it to autocomplete based on a custom schema. Any tips on getting this working would help too.

(solved) comments:

Using Eclipse with the Eclipse XML Editors and Tools plugin works like a charm. This solution has the added bonus of working on all target platforms. Thanks @xcut.

This answer on SU states that Eclipse can do so without plugins but I could not replicate the claim.

As for my attempts at using Komodo Edit, it is apparently possible to do so if one creates and registers an XML catalog. However I could not get it working with XML schemas and all official documents from ActiveState specifically mentions DTD and RelaxNG only.


Try eclipse with eclipse Web Tools installed. As far as I know, that editor has auto-complete.

Of course, a full eclipse install might be overkill...

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