html helpers text input and line break

public string BannerText {get;set;}

public void SetBanner()
  BannerText = "This is line 1. \nThis is line 2."

in the aspx page I am setting it like this:

  <h1><%: Model.BannerText %></h1>

However, the text still shows up in a single line. I have tried <br /> and <br> as well but that doesn't seem to work. I am sure it has to be something simple, but need SO help :)

EDIT:Kirk Woll and Mike suggestion worked! use: <h1><%= Model.BannerText %></h1>


What is "<%:"? I haven't seen that before. Have you tried "<%="? That will use an HTMLTextWriter to pass the string to render. Then just use HTML (<br />) in your string.

First, \n will absolutely not work. This is HTML. You do need to use <br /> (or wrap them in <div>, etc.). However, the purpose of <%: (as opposed to <%=) is to HTML-encode your string. So presumably your line breaks (<br />) are being encoded. You should try <%= instead and see if that fixes your issue.

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