VoIP with Flash?

Hello there I would like to know if it is possible to have voip with flash. If so how can I do this (tutorial maybe) Basically what I want to do is on my website have a box where i can type in lets say someones ip address and start a connection with them.

I have a Linux godaddy server will this be a problem? thanks in advance.

For example: https://www.gizmocall.com/gc/app?class=GizmoCall&proc=gcStart


Flash doesn't support VOIP itself. AFAIK it can only talk to Flash Media Server endpoints for audio publishing/streaming.

There are FMS implementations available that may allow you to bridge to a VOIP server though. I think Red5 may do that, or have plugins that allow it. I believe there are also some commercial applications that will do it as well. But Flash player doesn't have anything built in to do it.

What aboout Ribbit? http://docs.ribbit.com/ribbit-flash-toolkit

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