Extension method to Exception requiring dynamic generic type

This question has been asked in different ways before, but the answers don't help me, because (1) I don't have control over the built-in Exception classes, and (2) Activator.CreateInstance() returns an object/instance, where I need a true dynamic type.

I'm trying to create an extension method that allows me to throw a FaultException out of my WCF service, based off the exception I catch. For example:

try {
catch (ArgumentNullException exc) {
    throw new FaultException<ArgumentNullException>(exc);

is straight-forward. But if I want to extend this in a general way, I'd use an extension class, like:

try {
catch (Exception exc) {

Where I get hung up, of course, is the implementation of the extension method:

public static void ThrowFaultException(this Exception exc) {

    //  Gives me the correct type...
    Type exceptionType = exc.GetType();

    //  But how the heck do I use it?
    throw new FaultException<???>(exc);

The answers here and here don't help. Any ideas?


Try this:

public static void ThrowFaultException<TException>(this TException ex) where TException : System.Exception
    throw new FaultException<TException>(ex);

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