MySQL can't see database

GRANT SELECT ON source_starcraft.udb_ability TO `wade`@`localhost'

When I login with wade via PHPMyAdmin I can't see the database source_starcraft. I've only executed this query and created the user prior to this query.


If the user you logged into phpMyAdmin with does have the correct permissions to view the database, but you still can't see it, it might mean phpMyAdmin itself has been configured to not show it. This is easiest to verify by issuing a show databases; SQL query from within phpMyAdmin. If the database you are looking for shows up, the user is permitted to view it, at the least.

There are several config directives which can controls which databases are visible in phpMyAdmin's lists. If you used an automated installer or script to add phpMyAdmin to a user account, it might also have set one of only_db or hide_db. These are also described in the official phpMyAdmin documentation, which should have been included with your installation, and on the wiki.

If your user has access to change the settings, you can do it for the current session from within phpMyAdmin under "Settings" and the "Features" tab. To permanently change these settings you will need to edit Its location depends on where phpMyAdmin is installed on your system.

Here something that helped me a lot. Actually I was working with MySQL Workbench.

Briefly, it says that if MySQL has an <anonymous> account, and you fail logging in with your user, you end up logged in as the anonymous user, without notice. To find out this you can do:

SELECT user(), current_user();

Here's why:

One important thing to note is that SELECT USER(); shows you your current username and host. Another command, SELECT CURRENT_USER(); shows what you're authenticated as.

Indeed, in my case, user() was mylogin@localhost, current_user() was @localhost (the anon user).

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