advancedDataGrid set highlighted element programmatically

I'd like to be able to tell my ADG to set a specific row to be highlighted and update the adg rendering to match such new value. Note: highlight != selected. I thought perhaps setting highlightUID would do the trick, but I can't seem to get the ADG rendering to update. Would love any quick tips.



1) Make a custom AdvancedDataGrid with this function :

public function indicesToItemRenderer(
    rowIndex:int, colIndex:int):IListItemRenderer
    var firstItemIndex:int = verticalScrollPosition - offscreenExtraRowsTop;
    if (rowIndex < firstItemIndex ||
        rowIndex >= (firstItemIndex + listItems.length))
        return null;

    return listItems[rowIndex - firstItemIndex][colIndex];

2) When you want to hightlight an item, call this code :

    idxRow, idxCol).dispatchEvent(new MouseEvent(MouseEvent.MOUSE_OVER);

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