Ruby/Rails: dynamically change attribute in shared partial

This should be a layup for someone...

I'm trying to change a form field's attribute depending on which controller/model is calling the partial containing the form fields...

The issue (below) is with parent_id... which references one of two columns in a dogs table. It needs to either be kennel_id or master_id depending on which view this partial is being rendered in.

Not comfortable enough, yet, with Ruby/Rails language/syntax/tools to dynamically change this without getting bogged down in if/else statements.

I'm calling a shared partial and passing in a local variable:

= render "dogs/form", :parent => @kennel


= render "dogs/form", :parent => @master

In the partial I'd like to:

  = form_for ([parent,]) do |f|
    = render "shared/error_messages", :target => parent

        = f.label :name
        = f.text_field :name
        = f.hidden_field :parent_id  ###  <= PROBLEM
        = f.submit 'Save'


Just thinking out loud:

I don't know if the parent-models have the proper names for it, but you could do something like:

= f.hidden_field "#{}_id"

But that doesn't look right. So, why not pass it as an argument?

= render "dogs/form", :parent => @master, :foreign_key => :master_id

Or, create aliases on the dog model to handle some sort of dynamic delegation:

class Dog
  def parent_id=(parent_id)
    case parent.class
    when Master then self.master_id = parent_id
    when Kennel then self.kennel_id = parent_id
  def parent_id
    case parent.class
    when Master then self.master_id
    when Kennel then self.kennel_id

But that sucks too. Could the relation be polymorphic? Then you can leave out the switching.

class Dog
  belongs_to :owner, :polymorphic => true

= f.hidden_field :owner_id

Just some ideas. Hopefully one of them makes sense to you...

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