Can I use rails' devise to integrate linkedin connect to my site?

I have a Rails 3 application using Devise for authentication. In addition to the manual authentication using email, I also have a facebook connect that allows a single sign-in using facebook. The next step is linkedin connect. Is there a simple way to integrate linkedin API call to devise? (The naive approach of defining config.oauth :linkedin, 'MY_APP_ID','MY_APP_SECRET', :site => '', :authorize_path => '/uas/oauth/authorize', :access_token_path => '/uas/oauth/accessToken' in the config/initializers/devise.rb resulted in "An Authorization Token was not supplied" error message from linkedin).


Update: Thanks for the (incredibly) fast replies. I was hoping not to have to change my application to add the linkedin authentication, by using omniauth or a similiar solution. However, I now see that the linkedin response doesn't return the email - which is the used as the primary key for my users, and hence I cannot use the authentication the way I use facebook (In Ryan's solution he allows to define the email separately if not returned from twitter, but it's not good enough for my purposes).

Another Update: Devise now has omniauth support, and it is working nicely. Checkout this link.


look at this:

Check out the OmniAuth railscast for an awesome tutorial on how to integrate Facebook Connect with devise. Good luck!

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