In GitExtensions, how to push labels so others get them on a pull

The small devteam I'm on just recently went "cold turkey" on Visual SourceSafe and started using Git (Windows, Visual Studio 2008, etc. pretty vanilla stuff). We're using GitExtensions and so far so good, we're really loving it!

We have a what we call a "shared repo" on one of our file servers where we push to and pull from in order to share code.

Now as the person primarily responsible for deploying code into production, I typically pull and deal with all the merging into my own repo. Then I deploy code to our Test environment and repeat until ready. Once it's ready to go to our production server, I label the final merge/commit in my repo, deploy the code, then push it back to the shared repo.

But when the others pull after that, they don't see my labels.

So, here I am: what's the trick? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


By default git push does not push tags. You need to use the --tags options

git push --tags

Note though that this pushes tags only.

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