Code sharing between small student group

I'm currently in college, and we work in groups of three to create small python projects on a weekly basis.

We code with Eclipse and PyDev but we've got a problem when it comes to sharing our work. We end up sending an infinite stream of emails with compressed projects.

What we need is a way to keep the source code updated and we need to be able to share it between us. (on both Windows and Linux) What do you recommend?

thanks in advance.


Use Mercurial in conjunction with Bitbucket.

Use Git and Github. This way your code is in version control ( which is a good practice) and it can be shared with other people in your project through github. ( github was built with good git integration).

I'd suggest using a version control system.

Git might be good for you - it doesn't require a central server and there is also support for Windows these days.

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