Keeping webservice alive if a spawned thread is still working

I have a webservice that will be called by a nightly job process documents, each document will be queued and executed on it's own background processor. This process can take a couple hours or a few munites depending on the load. I don't want to have it alive if it's not doing anything. But when a spawn a thread and return immediately the idle clock begins even though there is a thread working. i have not set the thread to IsBackground and it still terminates for being idle. For my test i set the idle time to be 1 minute. Is there a way to keep the service as being "ALIVE"

Here is the webservice code:

public class LetterInitiateWS : System.Web.Services.WebService

        private static Processor processor = new Processor();
        public void ExecuteBulkRun()
            var thrd = new Thread(() => ThreadExecuteBulkRun());
            thrd.IsBackground = false;


        private void ThreadExecuteBulkRun()



I think your best bet is to split this up into two seperate processes. You're going to have trouble with your IIS/ASP.NET based process and trying to keep it alive.

If I were you I'd look to do something like:

  1. Write a record into a DB/File/queue to signal the the long running thread must start.
  2. Have a windows service monitor the DB/file/queue for the signal and then begin the processing.

You'll find similar suggestions in the answers here:

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For a solution which doesn't involve any coding, you can just disable IIS' inactivity monitor by changing the default Idle Time-out value of 20 minutes to 0. Go to Advanced Settings in your application pool and this is the second setting in the "Process Model" section.

To handle this I created a static class that when I am working in ThreadExecuteBulkRun the static class has a timer that every 5 minutes hist the webservice page which resets the Idle timer in IIS. and when the process completes the static class stops hitting the webpage.

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