WPF Events in Winforms

I have an Winforms application that is using a WPF control (Avalon Edit if it matters) inside an ElementHost.

It seems to be working fine, but I would like to be able to handle KeyPress events of this control in the Winforms manner (without RoutedCommands and InputGestures), so I though I could just handle the Form's KeyDown event with KeyPreview set, but WPF events don't seem to bubble up to the Form.

So basically, how can you access a KeyDown event on a WPF control in the Winforms manner?


You can try to add custom event handler for WpfControl itself, instead of trying to connect to WinForm's KeyDown.

Here's example. Let's say: your WinForm is of type Form1, WpfControl is UserControl1, and element host for WpfControl is called (won't ever guess)) - elementHost.

public Form1()
    elementHost.ChildChanged += ElementHost_ChildChanged;

private void ElementHost_ChildChanged(object sender, ChildChangedEventArgs e)
    var ctr = (elementHost.Child as UserControl1);
    if (ctr == null)
    ctr.KeyDown += ctr_KeyDown;

void ctr_KeyDown(object sender, System.Windows.Input.KeyEventArgs e)
    /* your custom handling for key-presses */

UPD: e.KeyboardDevice.Modifiers (e is System.Windows.Input.KeyEventArgs) stores info about Ctrl, Alt, etc.

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