SQL Server 2008 - using local variables for an INSERT and UPDATE trigger

I've been tinkering away at this problem for a while, but nothing's working for me.

The question is to create an INSERT and UPDATE trigger (tr_check_qty) for the order_details table to only allow orders of products that have a quantity in stock greater than or equal to the units ordered.

CREATE TRIGGER tr_check_qty

ON order_details
FOR insert, update


DECLARE @stock int
DECLARE @neworder int
SELECT @stock = quantity_in_stock FROM products
SELECT @neworder = quantity FROM inserted

IF @neworder > @stock


To test this trigger, we are supposed to use this query:

UPDATE order_details
SET quantity = 30
WHERE order_id = '10044'
AND product_id = 7

The query selects a product that has only 28 quantity_in_stock, which should trigger the trigger. But my trigger does not trigger and it updates the table successfully.

I had a suspicion that triggers don't like local variables, so I tried not using local variables:

(SELECT quantity FROM inserted) > (SELECT quantity_in_stock FROM products)

But this gave me an error.

Any help would be appreciated!


  1. You are assuming that there will only be a single row insert or update.

  2. quantity_in_stock FROM products has no predicate - presumably it needs to check the stock level of the inserted productid? If so what is the structure of the products table? (At the moment @stock will be assigned a value from an arbitrary row assuming more than one row in the products table.

  3. This will not work under snapshot isolation.

To get around #1 and #2 you would need to JOIN the inserted table onto the products table using productid or whatever and see if any rows exist where inserted.quantity > products.quantity_in_stock

For some ideas about #3 read the discussion here

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