Search and Replace with Numbers

Alright so I've got list in JS formatted like so:

{ text:"item1here", link: "0"},
{ text:"item2here", link: "0"},
{ text:"item2000here", link: "0"}

The list has over 2,000 items in it, I need a way to get the link: "0" to match that entries number in the list, starting with 0 and going upwards. Obviously some kind of search and replace would work find. Any ideas on how to go about this? I'm on a Mac so any UNIX or OS X method would be greatly appreciated.


This should do it:

 perl -e '$i=0; while(<>) { if(s/link\:\s+\"0\"/link: "$i"/){ $i++;} print; }' yourfilename > newfilename

There are lots more ways using various UNIX commands. Let me know if you need this explained in detail.

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