Unexpected results when converting a namespaced object to an array

I'm having unexpected results when converting a namespaced object to an array.


namespace package\test;

class Test {
    private $foo;
    private $bar;


$test = new Test();
$testArray = (array) $test;


and the output is

    '�package\test\Test�foo' => null
    '�package\test\Test�bar' => null

Not sure what those � characters are from the var_dump? I looked in the source and it appears to be &#0;. Basically what I need to do is trim the keys so it ends up being

    'foo' => null
    'bar' => null

but I'm not sure how to target those � characters with a regular expression to get rid of the part that I don't want? This is for PHP 5.3.3. Thanks.


You actually don't need any regular expressions. You can do the following:

foreach ($testArray as $key => $value) {
    $pos = strrpos($key, chr(0)); // find the last null character
    if ($pos !== false) {
        $testArray[substr($key, $pos+1)] = $value;

Every character that cannot be displayed will be replaced with a black diamond (U+FFFD REPLACEMENT CHARACTER) by the browser. So in this case it wouldn't even make sense to check for this particular substitute character.

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