How to run rails s -p80 on 80 port?

By default,

 rails s #running on 3000 port

Now I want to run it on port 80. So I tried:

 sudo rails -s -p80

But it threw an error:

mlzboy@mlzboy-MacBook ~/my/b2c2 $ sudo rails s -p80
sudo: rails: command not found

I used rvm to install ruby & rails. It seems rvm is user specified. Is it not able to find rails in root?

I also tried below code:

mlzboy@mlzboy-MacBook ~/my/b2c2 $ which rails
mlzboy@mlzboy-MacBook ~/my/b2c2 $ sudo /home/mlzboy/.rvm/gems/ruby-1.9.2-p0/bin/rails s -p80


rvmsudo rails server -p 80

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