Developing on android-based device via wireless

One known way to develop your android application directly onto the device is using the usb connector and install the driver using eclipse. As such, is there a known way to do this wireless?

EDIT: Ideally this shouldn't require rooted device.


UPDATE: This is now natively supported with recent SDKs. Look here under "Wireless Usage".

In short:

  • Connect to your device via USB
  • Enter "adb tcpip 5555"
  • Unplug your device
  • Look up your device's IP in the system settings
  • Enter "adb connect [ip address]:5555"
  • That's it!

For the record, here is the old version of the answer:

Install the wireless ADB app. Details here:

EDIT: Okay, that one requires root. If you don't have root, it's going to be a bit more cumbersome. Off the top of my head, here's what you can do:

  • Use any means of wireless transfer (Bluetooth or FTP, there are lots of apps for either on the market) to transfer the APK file from your computer to the phone.
  • Use a file manager (OI File Manager, for example) to navigate to the file and open it.

Step 1 can be automated through the command line if you're using FTP (and, at least on Unix-based systems, most likely via Bluetooth as well).

Step 2, well, cannot be simplified THAT easily. But you could write an installer app that simply does an ACTION_VIEW on the APK file on your phone.

Obviously, this will go through the package installer, so you'll have to confirm the installation process and everything. But hey, it's wireless :)

(Side note: There are several telnetd and sshd solutions on Android, but none that I could find are for non-rooted phones. If you can get a telnet/ssh connection going, you may be able to make this process more comfortable.)

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