How to properly stub a Rails association methods via mocha and test/unit?

I'm working on an app where most, if not all, of the data is scoped to a current_organization. So in my find calls in my controllers, I have things like this for example:

def show
  @user = current_organization.users.find(params[:id])

However, in my controller tests, I'm having a hard time figuring out the proper way (or any way) to stub these calls so that I can test things like:

get :show, :id => 1
assert_response :success

Those are failing saying "AR can't find user with ID=1 and organization_id = 3" or whatever. No matter what I try, I can't seem to get around it.

My setup block looks something like this:

setup do
  company = organizations(:company) # fixture
  # now what do I stub, if anything?

I tried doing stuff like: company.stubs(:users).returns([users(:one), users(:two)]) but that doesn't work because the AR find() call doesn't exist for a basic array.

Should I set the fake users array to be a variable like fake_users and then do something like fake_users.stubs(:find).returns(@user)? That didn't feel right, but maybe that's the proper way.

I'm just looking for the best way to handle this. I'm using mocha and test/unit, if that matters or helps.



Unless you specifically need access to the fake_users, I think the simplest thing you could do is probably something like this :-

company.stubs(:users => stub('users', :find => users(:one)))

Unfortunately, this kind of code is awkward to mock. You will notice that my suggested solution is rather brittle.

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