Query failed: connection to localhost:3306 failed in sphinx

I'm trying to use the sphinx api to grab some data from a mysql db, but I keep getting this error when I load it on my browser.

Query failed: connection to localhost:3306 failed (errno=4, msg=).

I had no luck when I tried changing the port number to 3312, and a few others..

I was actually able to get results for queries through linux command, but the error occurs when I try it (using the sphinxapi.php file) on my browser



$cl = new SphinxClient();
$cl->SetServer("localhost", 3306);

$cl->SetMatchMode( SPH_MATCH_ANY  );
$result = $cl->Query("email");

if ( $result === false ){ 
      echo "Query failed: " . $cl->GetLastError() . ".\n";

I'm using sphinx 0.9.8


Thanks guys, I actually figured it out. I used my server ip instead of "localhost".

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