Custom page not found and other error webpages in Spring 3.0

I want to display a custom 404 page not found error page (among others). I'm using Spring 3.0 and don't know how to do this.. I know I can specify a jsp page in web.xml to handle 404 errors. But I want Spring's environment for my error pages. So I tried simply returning a ModelAndView that's basically an error page. But the problem there is once I do this:


Then the whole request just gets forwarded back to the container's default 404 page. How are we supposed to handle error pages in Spring 3.0?


In Servlet 2.4, response.sendError() and response.setStatus() are treated differently. The former is handled by container, but the latter gives option to provide the response yourself. That means, you have to use response.setStatus(HttpServletResponse.SC_NOT_FOUND). Please also see How do I return a 403 Forbidden in Spring MVC?

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