Compile SQLite with SQLCipher on Windows

I am following this tutorial for compiling SQLite with SQLCipher on Windows. I am confused about pre-requisites for compilation. I found that I need to install following to compile it:

  1. OpenSSL
  2. MinGW
  3. ActiveState Perl
  4. TclTk / tclsh
  5. MSYS
  6. Visual Studio
  7. Cygwin

Among all above, I just have Visual Studio 2008 installed. I am working on Windows 7.

What are exact pre-requisites for compiling SQLite with SQLCipher on Windows?


The minimal setup you need to compile SQLCipher on windows is:

  1. OpenSSL, either in source or binary
  2. forms Perl - Optional, only required if you build OpenSSL
  3. MinGW / MSYS - required to configure SQLCipher
  4. Tcl - required by the SQLite build system to build the amalgamation code
  5. Visual Studio - to build your project

Using the steps in the thread, you can create the DLLs directly or generate an amalgamation to include in your project.

If you want to save all those steps and time, for a small charge you can also get precompiled SQLCipher windows binaries from the website at These binary sales are mutually beneficial since they can help you get working more quickly, and they help support the project.

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