How can I restrict a textbox to take only one predefined string and throw an message box in else case

In my winform application I have a textbox that should only take a predefined local server address and throws an message box in the else case as soon as the focus changes from that textbox


See the Validating event. This event will fire when the control should be validated, which by default happens when the control loses focus.

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Rails: Error while uploading CSV file - “Validation failed: Email has already been taken”

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My rails app has CSV upload feature. It uploads CSV file of emails and saves it in customer database.

Can't run “Open Browser” with a Firefox (version 20) instance through Robot Framework IDE + Selenium

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I'm looking for a way to, making use of RIDE and the Robot Framework, run Firefox (version 20 -- the latest), opening a page of my liking. This used to pose no concern with earlier Firefox versions...

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