CSS problems, misalignment, and 100% is not 100%?

I am working on a small project, and am having two tiny problems with CSS.

I have played around with everything to no avail.

1) In IE6 the content and logo is not lining up correctly.

2) In Firefox, the tooltip box fixed at the bottom of the page (which degrades in IE6) although styled as width:100%; is not spanning the whole screen. There is a gap on the left hand side.

These problems can be seen by viewing http://gua.com/wd/ in the respective browsers.

If anyone could advise as to what has gone wrong, and why, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


for firefox: Yyou can add left:0; for #bottom

for internet explorer: I see your menu to be wrong not the logo. To solve this just add margin:0 for #top-nav

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