Android Development: Improve EditText Scrolling?

Is there any way I can increase my EditText's scrolling? I want to make it scroll like it does on the web browse, smooth and fast. Is this possible?

Thanks, Alex.


Webview uses Smooth scrolling. A scroll view also have this property.

  • Add the text view inside a Scrollview.
  • Make an ID for the scrollview and create reference in your code.
  • Place the EditText Within this scroll view(Make the editText to Wrap Content).

Enable Smooth Scrolling using the below method,

public void setSmoothScrollingEnabled(boolean smoothScrollingEnabled)

Control the smooth scrolling by specifying bounds for the scroll, using the below method...

public final void smoothScrollBy (int dx, int dy)
//dx,dy.. offset (Relative Position)

public final void smoothScrollTo (int x, int y)
//scroll to x and y (actual position)

You can also imitate the overscroll behavior using the following Method,

public void setOverScrollMode (int mode)

Also you can add Fling Action using the following method,..

public void fling (int velocityY)

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