Ubuntu + Git + Netbeans 7 - Do we need to install Git on OS?

The dev version of Netbeans has Git support. This is great. I'm not sure however, what does this mean, in the following sense:

Should we install some sort of git commands into Ubuntu anyway, OR, the Git IDE plugins normally deal with this?

If this is very specific we can generalize a little, on other IDE's, on any subversion system, when we have a versioning control plugin on it, does it means that we DON'T need to configure it on our OS ?

Thanks a lot, MEM


Normally, what this means is, you would need to install git on the server.

From there, the IDE would be able to keep its own configuration and use the git installation on the OS. Sometimes, but not always, IDE's will use their own, known working version of git that they know work with their IDE.

So, don't install git yet, and try to use the program, and if it has problems interfacing with git, and you get suspecting errors of git not being found or something of that nature, you probably need to install on the OS.

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