NetTcpBinding and Windows 7 firewall

I have an wcf winforms self-hosted app using nettcpbinding.(net.tcp:// The problem is windows 7 firewall, I added the exception on the inbound and outbound list (port 9388) but still doesnt work(even if the client is in the same machine)...I also tried to add Distributed Transaction Coordinator on the program list like this hint but no success... Everything works fine when firewall is disabled.


Add/enable Windows Communication Foundation Net.TCP Listener Adapter (TCP-In) in Inbound Rules in Windows Firewall with Advanced Security

Need Your Help

How to tell when modifier keys are pressed/released

c# wpf events modifier-key

I want to be able to tell when a modified key (CNTRL or SHIFT) is pressed or released. Basically Users can perform multiple keystrokes with a modifier key pressed and I don't want to perform an act...

Discrete Wavelet Transform Return Large Values


When I implementing the 2D-DWT on a gray image the LL part is returning me a max value that is larger than 255 ,, why is that happen ?? help please