JAVA: 128-bit key to String problem and back

I have created a SecretkeySpec object wich contains a 128 bit key. I would like to have this key in a String(this string needs to be put back in to the original key later), so i use Base64 encoding.

This is how my key looks in raw format from the byte array into chars:

*P??? ?ukL|?~

So I take the bytes and encode it like this.

byte[] okay = Base64.encode(eF.getSpec().getEncoded());

Now when i translate it into chars i get:


Now i want to have my key back restored to it's original format from the base64 encoded array.

String dkey = "S2xEa3Ara0o5blVGYTB3WkRIeUZmZz09DQo=";

byte[] key = null;
key = dKey.getBytes();
key = Base64.decode(key);

Now when i check the result i get:


instead of:

*P??? ?ukL|?~ 

As you can see this is not the result i hoped to see. I surely made a novice mistake, and forgive me for that but i am relativaly new to programming. I would appreciate it if someone could give me a working example of transforming the 128 bit key to and from readable format, and perhaps an explanation where i went wrong with thinking.

And i apologize for any spelling mistakes, English is not my native language.

Thanks in advance



decodes to


Is the extra D at the beginning a copy and paste error?


in turn is a valid base64 string that decodes to some binary data. So it seems that you are doing the encoding twice.

Now when i translate it into chars i get

How exactly are you doing that? Is there another base64 encoding involved in that step?

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