QAbstractItemModel and QTreeView

I need working examples (c++) of show own data model in QtreeView.


There's a pretty good QTreeView/QAbstractItemModel example here. It's fairly straightforward once you get used to QT's ultra-generic model... just don't expect it to be as simple or obvious as Java's TreeModel.

Need Your Help

An automated way to load multiple images into PowerPoint on different pages?

ms-office powerpoint

I need to load about 60 images, each on a different page, in to PowerPoint.

Google Maps API for Jersey/Guernsey?

google-maps google-maps-api-3 geocoding

My company is using the Google Maps API to power an installer locator for our product. All has been going fine up until now, when I've added installers on the Channel Islands (UK). Is there any way...

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