Passing extra parameters to foldRight

Is there a way to pass some extra parameter to the function that is provided to Scala's List.foldRight?

Some example code:

def createActorPool[T](implicit actor: Manifest[T], poolSize: Int): List[Supervise] = {
  (1 to poolSize).foldRight(List[Supervise]()) {
    (idx, list) => { Supervise(actorOf[actor], Permanent) :: list }

The object I am interested in is actor, which is however not visible when being used to construct Supervise.

P.S.: I'm pretty new to Scala, so please accept my apologies if this is a FAQ (despite extensive googling without any applicable hits).


I don't really get your problem. The function passed to foldRight is free to reference and use anything else you have in scope. Isn't that enough ?

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