Bash 101, $HOME/ivy/bin/node, not showing in the “require.paths” of node's environment

I'm trying to complete the following tutorial:

I've installed ivy and if I go cd $HOME/ivy/bin, then type in node, I'll get the node environment. However, after I add this to .profile:


I'll exit my session, log back in and here's what require.paths shows:

> require.paths
[ '/home/myusername/.node_modules',
  '/usr/local/lib/node' ]

It is not picking up the '/home/myusername/ivy/lib/node' ... what's going on?


require.paths has been changed since July (when the article was published).

var modulePaths = [path.join(process.execPath, '..', '..', 'lib', 'node')];

if (process.env['HOME']) {
  modulePaths.unshift(path.join(process.env['HOME'], '.node_libraries'));
  modulePaths.unshift(path.join(process.env['HOME'], '.node_modules'));

if (process.env['NODE_PATH']) {
  modulePaths = process.env['NODE_PATH'].split(':').concat(modulePaths);


You now need to define NODE_PATH and add the path(s) there:

# add ~/foo and ~/bla to the require.paths
export NODE_PATH=$HOME/foo:$HOME/bla

Results in:

> require.paths
[ '/home/ivo/foo',
  '/home/ivo/.local/lib/node' ]

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