Alternative Web file explorer/Navigator

I've found this online file explorer called enCode eXplorer. It was just what I was looking for; a simple, clean, free, easy-to-edit system, completely made up of one php file. The only problem I have with it is that it can only open relative subdirectories, which is not what I'm after.

Would anyone be able to suggest another product similar to this, but which can also display directories outside it's own directory/ subdirectories (so, for example, display a directory on another drive)?

I am not as interested in very detailed web file explorers like eXtplorer ( or AjaXplorer ( I'm more looking for a more simpler, editable explorer.


phpFileManager is a file manager based on a single PHP file with the capability to browse/manage outside of document root. It also allows browsing other drives as well. I have used it only on my Win7 desktop under Apache 2.2 and PHP 5.2.11. I have yet to run it on Linux.

It doesn't seem too difficult to edit or customize. The only difficulty I had initially was that I had to update the opening PHP tag in source from '<?' to '<?php'. The other gotcha I experienced was changing the configuration file using the built-in configuration HTML form. It seems to open itself up and modify a serialized PHP object in the opening comment at the source file.

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