How to migrate Django models from mysql to sqlite (or between any two database systems)?

I have a Django deployment in production that uses MySQL.

I would like to do further development with SQLite, so I would like to import my existing data to an SQLite database. I

There is a shell script here to convert a general MySQL dump to SQLite, but it didn't work for me (apparently the general problem isn't easy).

I figured doing this using the Django models must be much easier. How would you do this? Does anyone have any script to do this?


use dumpdata > your_file.json

to export your data from the production system (docs).

Then move the file on the development system and run loaddata your_file.json

You can also put the file in your_app/fixtures folder with name "initial_data.json" and it will be automatically loaded when you run " syncdb" (docs).

Have you tried using dumpdata > datadump and then when the new database is set up correctly, use python loaddata datadump?

If you have contenttypes in installed app


Use script like what for copying you entry to new base:

from django.contrib.contenttypes.models import ContentType

    def run():

        def do(Table):
            if Table is not None:
                table_objects = Table.objects.all()
                for i in table_objects:


        for i in ContentType.objects.all():

See full manual here

Maybe give south a try:

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