OSMF Player stops working when deployed onto Apache Tomcat server

I downloaded OSMF Sample player and opened osmf.html, (C:\player\osmf.html)it worked perfectly without any problem.

The same file when I deployed onto tomcat server,(http://localhost:8080/player/osmf.html) I get the error "The specified capability is not currently supported" while debugging.

I suspect of a flash security problem. Couldn't think of anything else.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.


What kind of content are you trying to play? Is the OSMF Sample player compiled for Flash Player 10.1? I suspect it's a version related issue.

Can you try using the Strobe Media Playback (https://sourceforge.net/adobe/smp) too? In the download section you can get binaries for both 10.0 and 10.1.

Strobe Media Playback is also built on top of OSMF, so it should help in troubleshooting your issue.


I was using DeMonster Debugger to figure out what was going on. Actually I was using ReOps' OSMF player. That was the one working when I launched from Filesystem, not working when deployed on to tomcat server. The reason is that they have written to code to see if it is allowed to access a video from a particular domain. For file, it was returning true all the time. But for the domain localhost:8080, it was returning false.

After disabling that security check, it worked normally.

Thanks Andrian for your answer.

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