Duplicate Group Box

How can I Duplicate a Groupbox in C# window application , the group box contain 30 textbox and i need to duplicate it on a special event and I don't know the maximum number of needed groupbox


If you are using winforms, possible solutions:

  1. Put a groupbox on form, customize it, copy the generated code (from ..designer.cs file) and put it to a method. When you event occurs you just call the method that will create new control.
  2. Using reflection create a new object of the same type and any writable property will get their values copied, use this method:

    private object CloneObject(object o)
        Type t = o.GetType();
        PropertyInfo[] properties = t.GetProperties();
    Object p = t.InvokeMember("", System.Reflection.
        BindingFlags.CreateInstance, null, o, null);
    foreach (PropertyInfo pi in properties)
        if (pi.CanWrite)
            pi.SetValue(p, pi.GetValue(o, null), null);
    return p;

Use it like:

private void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
GroupBox g = (GroupBox)CloneObject(groupBox1);

Both methods are described here

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