Timestamp to Date

Ho do I convert:

2010-12-24 11:39:43


24/12 11:39



This should to the trick:

$newFormat = Date ( 'd/m H:i', StrToTime ( '2010-12-24 11:39:43' ) );

You use StrToTime to convert a string representation of a date to timestamp. You then feed that timestamp to the Date function that takes the format of the date as the first parameter.


$unixtime = strtotime("2010-12-24 11:39:43");

$newFormat = date("d/m H:i", $unixtime);

echo date("d/m H:i", strtotime("2010-12-24 11:39:43"));

$date = DateTime::createFromFormat('Y-m-d G:i:s', 2010-12-24 11:39:43); //You can simply tell DateTime accept your timestamp as is since PHP 5.3

echo $date->format('d/m G:i T'); //Will output what you wanted + Timezone Abbreviation (because of the T) 

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