About the $yy_global_pattern found in smarty

/^(\{\})|^(\{\*([\S\s]*?)\*\})|^(<\?(?:php\w+|=|[a-zA-Z]+)?)|^([     ]*[
]+[  ]*)|^(\{strip\})|^(\{\/strip\})|^(\{literal\})|^(\{\s{1,}\/)|^(\{\s{1,})|^(\{\/)|^(\{)|^(([\S\s]*?)(?=([    ]*[
]+[  ]*|\{|<\?)))|^([\S\s]+)/

Anyone know what's ^(<\?(?:php\w+|=|[a-zA-Z]+)?) for in the above pattern?


It matches the beginning of XML processing directives. It seems targeted at php, as it explicitly matches <?php and <?=.

However, it also matches the XML prologue <?xml (or any other sequence, such as <?xcvsdfadf) too, so the actual purpose is hard to tell.

  • ^: anchor at the beginning of the line.
  • (..): grouping, to be referenced later (probably from the code for extraction).
  • \?: literal ?.
  • (?:..|..): alternatives (without extraction), matches either of the |-separated sub-patterns.
    • ?: following the alternatives means it can be left out completely as well. (zero or one)
  • php\w+: literal php followed by one or more word characters.
  • =: literal =
  • [a-zA-Z]+: one or more of upper or lower case characters (A-Z only)


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