Header Navigation Control in android

I have one doubt, regarding the header navigation control. So my question is instead of having a normal/default title bar , my app should have a customized header view that should be placed at the parent (Top Position) of my screens and it(header) should have some options to be displayed in a horizontal view and those options should be reacting to the events and my inner view should navigate according to the select events

Is it possible to bring my thoughts live. Since i have seen this design and functionality in an android application, i am keen to know to do the same. So please let me know the details regarding the same,, if anybody knows.. Any help will be much thankful

Thanks in Advance...


I am guessing you are talking about something similar to the facebook or the twitter action bar. You could give this link a look. It is Google's own app Iosched and implements an action bar kinda similar to what you need. Use SVN to download the app source, play with it and implement your own.


P.S. You would also want to choose a few answers occasionally to increase your acceptance rate. Out of 29 questions you have asked, you have an acceptance rate of 25%. Defeats the whole purpose of Stack Overflow. ;)

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