How to turn on and off mfc gui by other class?

i need to make a class that have a pointer to mfc class and to turn on and off the gui and also to have the option to take data from the gui. thank you.


By "turn on and off the GUI" I will assume you mean hide or display the main window, since you haven't provided a good description of what you're looking for. You can use CWnd::ShowWindow with a parameter of SW_HIDE to turn the window off, and use SW_SHOW or SW_RESTORE to show it again.

By "option to take data from the GUI" I will assume you want to do Copy and Paste from the GUI to another application. That's a much larger subject. Here's some sample code:

SetClipboardData(CF_TEXT, dataHandle);

You can find a lot more information in Microsoft's guide to Using the Clipboard.

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