Meta Tags For Individual Pages

I currently have a website based off a PHP template so all pages use the same header.php file via PHP's include.

I am just getting myself into meta data, etc. and wanted to know how I go about having specific meta data for each individual page if each page is using the same header?


This is highly dependent on templating system you use. f.i. Zend Framework Zend_View enables you with view helpers for such tasks. If relying on something far less advanced as simple include "header.php", then you can specify a variable before including header file and set it with desired value, while in included file echo that variable.

Something like this:


$meta_tags = '<meta content="Some description" http-equiv="description" />....';
include 'header.php':


<link type="text/css" href="style.css" rel="stylesheet">
<?php echo $meta_tags ?>

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