SQL Server Full Text Search Very Slow

I have a stored procedure that searches a table which has about 200000+ rows with full text FREETEXT.

Here is the basics of it:

declare @searchKey varchar(150)
if @searchKey Is Null OR LEN(@searchKey)=0
    Set @searchKey='""';
Set @searchKey='car';
declare @perPage int
Set @perPage=40
declare @pageNo int
Set @pageNo=1

declare @startIndex int,@endIndex int;
Set @startIndex=@perPage*@pageNo-@perPage+1;
Set @endIndex=@perPage*@pageNo;

Select totalItems
--i pull other colums as well
from (
    Select Row_Number() over(order by CreateDate DESC) As rowNumber
,COUNT(*) OVER() as totalItems
--other columns are pulled as well
from MyTable P 
    OR FreeText((P.Title,P.Description),@searchKey)
) tempData
--where rowNumber>=@startIndex AND rowNumber<=@endIndex
rowNumber>=CASE WHEN @startIndex>0 AND @endIndex>0 THEN @startIndex ELSE rowNumber END
AND rowNumber<=CASE WHEN @startIndex>0 AND @endIndex>0 THEN @endIndex ELSE rowNumber END
order by rowNumber

The problem is its running slower then i would like it. Its taking about 3 seconds to load the page. Same page was loading in less then 1 sec when i was using like operator.


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