How do I make a jQuery loop which changes the href attribute of a link?

I've built a slideshow gallery from scratch using jQuery. It can have any number of slides. Under the slideshow I have a 'More info' button. I would like this link to change every 5000ms to reflect the slide being show.

I know I can use .attr to change the href value itself, it is just changing it at intervals of 5000ms to different things (on a loop!) that I'm completely at a loss with...

Help would be greatly appreciated!


Use a timer.

//Set Image to first picture by default.
$('#yourImageId').attr("src", imageSrcArray[0]);

var milliseconds = 5000;

//Call Function after 5 seconds to show second picture
var t=setTimeout("changeSlide();", milliseconds); 

//If you set the image's original src to your first array item, this will cause the first update in 5 seconds to display the second item.
var cnt=1; 

function changeSlide(){

    //update image src
    $('#yourImageId').attr("src", imageSrcArray[cnt]);

    t=setTimeout("changeSlide();", milliseconds);//Call Function Again after 5 seconds


    //Check that cnt is within image array bounds
    if (cnt > imageSrcArray.length-1) cnt=0;


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