Clean way to get related entities based on selection

I am using C# and EF 4. I have a Actor repository. The entity Actor has many to many relationship with Movie. So in the ActorReposity i'd like to have a method example GetActors whose salary is greater than 100 and also in the results i would like to include the movies that this actor has been in whose director is Doe.(director is property on the movie) the signiture of the method i have in the repository is IQueryable GetActors(). In this case i am just simpifying the signiture, After i get this to work then i can refactor to pass in parameters.


   public class ActorRepository       
       public List<Actor> GetActors(int minimumSalary, string directorName)
          return _ctx.Actors
                     .Where(x => x.Salary > minimumSalary)
                     .Select(x => new 
                                Actor = x,
                                Movies = x.Movies.Where(y => y.DirectorName == directorName)
                     .Select(x => new Actor
                        // copy scalar properties from anon to Actor, e.g:
                        ActorName = x.ActorName,
                        // then set the Movies  navigational property to the filtered type
                        Movies = x.Movies


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