WinAPI Control to display image

Is there a GUI control that displays an image in the Windows API? I have considered the STATIC class but it only works on bmp files, and I need png, bmp, jpg, etc to work with it. And I prefer not to draw the image manually.


You can use a ListView, and set the background image using LVM_SETBKIMAGE. Another option is to use GDI+ and draw it yourself manually, which is also pretty simple.

Need Your Help



I'm currently doing my final year project on android app. I tried to make a login module, but it always gives me an error for that part:

Using TagLib bindings for Python in Windows

python windows binding taglib

I'm trying to use TagLib bindings for Python on Windows, but I'm not having any luck with it. Any tutorials I can find are tailored for Linux, instructing me to run things that don't exist on Windows

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